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Why Google changed its logo …. should you?

Google has updated its logo.  Already I am missing the more fireside-friendly, cosy in warm slippers look of the previous logo. It looks too harsh, too simple.  And yes it is true, it is.  They have gone for a sans-serif face which means it is a font without the little twiddly bits at the end […]

Young entrepreneurs impress the Dragons

Did you watch Dragon’s Den this week? I get so tired of the applicants being made to look rather foolish by the dragons.  They are not allowed to refer to bits of paper so often forget their numbers, or – more commonly – are torn apart by the dragons for coming up with numbers they […]

“Off” days – do you have them?

off days are the essential space between

“Off” days are not Days Off.  They are those strange times when you don’t feel excited about your work, and also don’t feel excited about anything much. Going to a sporting event or meeting up with friends and family is a proper Day Off.  It is a planned day off for a special event and something […]

Biz Buzz on Marlow FM – away from the office / studio

Marlow FM 97.5 broadcast for a week from a coffee shop in the high street in Marlow.  So Biz Buzz the programme about business moved out of the studio.   It was all part of the “Love Marlow” initiative about bringing communities together. Getting away from the studio encouraged discussion of getting away from your […]

Sign in or Sign up?

Sign in and Sign Up can look as though they are interchangeable and mean the same thing. Sign In In fact Sign In is the instruction found on many websites and indicates you already have an account and have registered with them.  So this is where you go back to add in your email address […]

Less cash more online payments and cheques

Apparently for the first time we are spending less physical cash and using “virtual” payments more. I am surprised it has taken this long, to be honest. Why would you want to use cash? It helps you to budget.  When you are out of money and the wallet is empty you can’t spend any more. […]

What can business learn from the General Election?

What can business learn from the General Election? Despite all predictions that this would be a close run election and difficult to predict, in fact one party has done much better than the others.  So what can we learn as business owners? People don’t do what they say they will do! All the opinion polls […]

Winner of the BBC Big Painting Challenge – Paul Bell

Are you an artist?  Would you like to become one?  Winning a television competition is an excellent way to kickstart your career. It sounds like an improbable dream but it happened for Paul Bell.  Paul was an amateur artist when he entered the competition and – since his win – now has decided to commit […]

Profit from success and failure

Whenever we want to move forward it is vital to look back as well.  At the start of a new phase – a new year, a new quarter, a new month a new day- time spent reflecting helps to create bigger changes for the future. Success The first thing to do is to look at […]

Looking back on the year ask yourself this question

Looking back on the year is the first important step in creating what happens in the New Year. This was recorded by Jean Wolfe for the Biz Buzz show on Marlow FM 97.5 . Reproduced by kind permission of MarlowFM.