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We’ve got sales targets – bus shelter advert.

we have got sales targetsWe’ve got sales targets.  Not the normal kind of sentence you see on an ad in a bus shelter.

It caught my eye.  Not because it persuaded me to go and buy their summer drink. No, because I am surprised the company thinks that an explanation like this would encourage anyone to buy.

Of course the company has sales targets.  Is that a bonus to buying the drink?  Is a sales target a virtue?

Businesses these days want to create a relationship with their customers rather than be seen as a faceless organisation.  They are more committed to having conversations with prospects and customers rather than shouting a sales message.

But my view is that companies can have personality and quirks which help their customers to know them better. And ideally like and trust them more.  The fact that the company has a sales target which makes them want you – the reader – to buy doesn’t add much likeable information.

The ad was created by The Corner for Coca-Co- owned Oasis and is intended to focus on teens by taking a more sideways look at modern life.

Oasis adsSales targets are not intrinsically amusing.

Treatment of sales targets could perhaps have focussed on one individual appealing to the drinker so that the sales targets are met.  But the fact that it is a faceless “we” who have them does not help.

Personally I think a sideways look needs some humour as in these two other posters in the campaign.  These make the viewer feel clever, or create a relationship with the viewer.

Leave the sales targets out, guys. Not sure they appeal – especially to teens.

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