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Marketing Coaching

You know you have got to get your message out more clearly to more people.  But you don’t really want to do marketing.

The Marketing Coaching package gives you confidence and clarity.  It helps you stop either rushing around doing a little of everything or feeling overwhelmed so you never try anything new.

We first help you get clearer about what you can do and what suits you and your business. Then the  complex business of marketing becomes simpler and less scary.   You feel more confident, take action, and your marketing actually becomes enjoyable.  (Even if this is for the first time!).  Then we look at the results of the action and do more of what is working.

You get an experienced business and marketing consultant on your side.  I support you  to develop your business (and your life.) It can be lonely running your own business and you  share the highs and the lows although your success is your own.

Our conversations may be more honest, more personal and more fun than you have had for a while.  You will feel inspired and that goes a long way to being the difference that makes the difference.

You also get:

  • A strategy that suits you and your business
  • Confidence over which types of marketing you should be doing
  • New skills that support where your business is going
  • Expertise with writing and copy-writing

It starts with a strategic session and then 6 follow up sessions usually monthly.  We make sure that the plan fits with where you want to go and suits your personality too.

£ 750

Initial Discovery session Face to Face or on Skype.  90 minutes.  Follow up Sessions include a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), planning of next actions, accountability and inspiration.

“I found my SWOT so inspirational I have put it up on my wall. I love working with Jean – and my business is really taking off!”  Lucinda Cross Ginger Mash Services.

Initial session is offered at a discount of £97 (from £175) and is refundable if we both decide to work together.  We both need to see if we want to work with each other.  It is much better to work with someone you get on with!

Groups and Workshops

Workshops on Blogging, Writing and social media are held from time to time, and the online Blogging Challenge is held every year around 8th March International Women’s Day.  

Group Workshop facilitation on strategy, writing and marketing communication is tailored to a clients’ goals and lasts for a day or half a day.

Day £497    Half a day £350.

“The best facilitation we ever had. We know, we do it for our clients.”  Zenon.

“Jean creates a space of absolute honesty and fun.  I don’t ask myself the questions she asks but I always discover what is really important.” Jan Campbell

Writing and Copywriting.

Website, emails, white papers, speeches with the right tone of voice for the audience, scripts for video and audio.  Style Guide.

This service is only available to clients.