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Sue Townsend a woman I admire

Sue Townsend

I once had a wonderful conversation with Sue Townsend the author on a ferry.  It was at the end of a course on writing which she had taught and I attended. You don’t have to know somebody for a long time to know if you admire them. We were travelling from the Greek island of […]

Mother’s Day – for a Day or a Lifetime?

Mother’s Day doesn’t mean mothers aren’t loved or noticed on other days.  Nor does it mean they are not loved and acknowledged if there is no card, or present, visit or phone call. Does it matter if birthdays or wedding anniversaries are forgotten?  If there are no flowers on Valentine’s Day is there no love?  […]

Join our blogging initiative for International Women’s Day

Do you blog?  Would you like a boost for your blog, and to post in a good cause? Please join us at Attract Readers as we are encouraging women (and men) to post to celebrate International Women’s Day which is on 8th March. We want the pen to be mightier than the sword and to […]

Customer Service … the best marketing?

Good customer service is often the most reliable way for a customer to know if they have a good service. Before you work with someone they don’t really know how good you are.  If they do not have a direct comparison with a similar service they still may not know even after the job has […]

To blog or not to blog that is the question…

To blog or not to blog

Blog and your path to success is clear.   Look at all the people who started blogs and now have 6 figure book deals and fame and fortune… and of course, happiness. This is the kind of advice you may have heard, and the kind of results you may have seen. And it is true.  Bloggers […]

Watching popular reality TV – good for your business?

Reality TV shows might be considered a waste of time. Programmes like Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, The Apprentice, Masterchef, I am a Celebrity get me out of here, Big Brother, and the newcomers which are all about Sewing, or Pottery or Art. .. there is a big list of reality TV shows.Although all that wheat and sugar may not be good for your diet, the Great British Bake Off, for example, can be good for your business health.

The inspiration I need in winter – a snowy landscape.

At Christmas time we give and receive inspirational cards which often show images of a snowy landscape. We open Advent Calendars which have images of snow but very rarely does it snow in England at Christmas. In fact I can only remember one occasion years ago when I had been in a service of Midnight […]

People trust content from people they trust

Recent research shows that consumers tend to trust content from people they trust. People they already know well. People they already trust. As a small business you will probably be making the most of all the low cost marketing methods.  You probably have a newsletter even if it is just a roundup once a quarter […]

Helen Mirren is voted the most influential woman

Helen Mirren at 70 is most influential woman

Helen Mirren the actress is 70 and has recently been voted the most influential women in a survey.
Helen Mirren is 70! It is inspirational that a woman who is in the public eye and definitely past the first flush of youth has topped the poll! It is a wonderful rejection of the worship of thin beautiful and dumb and helps women to feel more confident being themselves.

Good marketing – images and specific numbers from Ryanair

Ryanair sent out an email which demonstrated good marketing which a small business could use themselves.  Ryanair is not usually regarded with warmth and affection.  I have often travelled with the company and because the flight has been full, and the queues long I tend to forget about the huge advantage of the low price. […]