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Face to Face networking – types of groups

Networking  groups that meet face to face tend to fall into two categories. Irrespective of whether the group meets for breakfast, coffee, lunch, drinks or an evening meal some are open to all, and some only to businesses that do not compete with another. The first is a general opportunity for business people to get […]

Face to Face networking – small business No1 marketing idea

Face to Face networking is often the preferred marketing idea when people set up their own business. In a larger business you probably had lots of contacts, and a yearly calendar of events, such as awards, exhibitions and conferences where you would keep up with what is happening in your niche.  In a small business […]

innocent drinks and Coca Cola

So innocent drinks have sold 10% – 20% of their company to Coca Cola and got £ 30 m.  innocent have been going for 10 years and wanted to expand into Europe and apparently they will put none of the money into shareholder pockets but use it to get their drinks into fridges in Europe. […]

Away for the weekend -blog visitors improve!

I went away for the weekend to a family reunion which was wonderful and forgot about work. Beautiful countryside, good food, good conversations, visiting places I knew as a child, connecting with where I have come from.   Great memory: sitting in the sunshine on the day before Easter in the company of about 25 relatives […]

Michelle Obama winner at G20 talks

In the newspapers I noticed that photographs of Michelle Obama had more prominence than the assembled photographs of the world leaders. She seems to have gone down a storm and fanned the flames of Obama enthusiam just as the honeymoon period draws to a close for her husband. She is good to look at, certainly, […]

Before the first post on your blog

7 questions to ask yourself before you click that mouse: 1.  What is the point of the blog? This is the most direct question to ask. If you are helping people, who are they? How do you help? 2.  What’s in it for Me? No point doing it if you don’t have the energy.  Money? […]

Inspiration on the checkout

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to stock up for Easter.  And I bought a bunch of flowers. As she was checking the goods through the scanner the assistant picked up the flowers and said ” Thank you I would have served you anyway.” It took me a few seconds to realise that she was […]

Success at joining the self hosted blog party

What a sense of relief that this blog is seeing the light of day!  All I have to do now is write up some good content,  which I hope will prove valuable and useful.  It was the technical stuff that was my stumbling block, and I did ask myself why I didn’t outsource it to […]

First post about marketing

Blog is finally going on line.  Lots more to do but glad I have got here!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!