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Oxford or Cambridge – which are you?

Oxford were the favourites at this year’s Boat Race.  They were the heavyweights (pun intended), serious, focussed, and they visualised their feet smashing down on the faces of their opponents.  (Yes, really.)

Cambridge were presented as more humourous and relaxed.  The crew were physically lighter and shorter and the cox was a woman.

At the weigh-in there was a clear difference.  By the time the press had had a field day the contrast had become

Substance (Oxford) compared with Style (Cambridge)

Focus compared with Natural Talent

Beast compared with Beauty

In reality there may have been few differences but it is a great lesson in branding.

Which approach appeals to you as a business?  What would the press make of you and your closest competitor?

If you are the Oxford of your niche – well done – keep on winning to stay ahead.

If you have the number 2 position how can you turn it to your advantage?

How are you different?  More importantly, how do your prospects perceive you as different?

If your competitor is more corporate you have the opportunity to be seen as more personal, committed and engaging.  Take inspiration from Avis (the Number 2 car rental company) who used “We try harder” as a slogan which made the public feel less good about Hertz, who were already known as Number 1.

Could your business do with some re-branding spark?

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