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Jean Wolfe

Jean WolfeJean Wolfe

Jean’s marketing business focuses on authentic marketing and social media for small and medium sized businesses. Jean’s skill lies in “getting” the spark of the business, and finding the words to help express it more authentically. She can also bring clarity in terms of audience, SEO, and tone of voice and help you to get on and take action!

Jean understands the problems that marketing your own business can involve.  Working within a larger company often means you are more supported and more free to focus on your own strengths.

“I found networking, writing my website and deciding my pricing strategy by myself more stressful than developing an international market as part of a team!” Jean Wolfe

Marketing your own business is a great opportunity for self development. It is much easier to overcome the barriers which appear to challenge your mindset and money-making abilities when you have a supportive and knowledgeable marketing coach by your side.

Financial success can become a deep joy and source of fulfilment when the right clients who are completely on your wavelength want to work with you.

“I go away from talking with Jean feeling lighter, brighter, more positive and more inspired to take the right action.” Jenny Yung, Tally Ho Stables.

The journey to success has been – and still is – a fascinating adventure.   Clients usually become friends. I tend to specialise in those who want to make a real difference and need strategy and vision as well as words and tactics.

Biz Buzz radio show on Marlow FM 97.5

marlowfm on air Jean WolfeI present “Biz Buzz” a radio show on Marlow FM on Friday afternoons from 2 pm – 3:30.  It often features a continuous interview with a local business owner.  The focus of the show is to provide a service to small business owners that is not possible on mainstream media.

Many of my guests start by being quite nervous and then thoroughly enjoy the experience. I like to see it as a beneficial experience to help the business owner to enjoy public speaking, be a guest on a podcast or host a podcast themselves.

We play great music, and have a laugh as well as focus on meaningful topics. My guests often respond with an inspired answer to a question which gives them a focus or new approach to the future.

Shows can be listened to for three weeks afterwards on the Listen Again page.

Blogging and social media courses and initiatives

I am one of the co-founders of Attract Readers helping less web-savvy women to blog.  See Attract Readers.

Jean Wolfe: Previous Work

Teacher of English and Drama, College Lecturer to apprentices in the building trades, Publicity Manager for book publishers getting publicity for authors, Sales and Marketing of solar electric products internationally including setting up a European market.

I love:
Words, reading, thinking, ukulele, creative writing, music, art, good conversations, france, travel, and of course my four wonderful children and their families and my lovely grandchildren!


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  1. Very interesting, helpful, and well written, thanks for sharing.

  2. jeanspark

    Thanks Denise sooo much for your comment! Really appreciate it and it has spurred me into taking my blog to the next stage. Yes I need to get more info in the about ..but was just giving myself three weeks to get into the habit of posting. I’ll put it top of my priority list! Also need to get my image up on posts..Please blog about inertia and Newton that would be great and we could link. Had a quick look at your blog and you look very interesting!! It’s late now but will come over and see you again.
    Karma rules. Love it.

  3. Hey Jean,

    Where is your “contact me” information? What if I wanted to contact you? I came to your site from a comment you posted on @skellie’s blog. I related to your mention of treasuring every comment you get when you start a blog (mine was started a few months ago and is still in the “prototype” model of the venue, and I’ve had a great thrill from each comment I’ve received – especially when I started getting them from people I didn’t know). So I wanted to contact you or post a comment to share my encouragement.

    I watch The Apprentice in the US, but was confused when reading your posts about The Apprentice because they didn’t match the details of the shows I had been watching. Then it dawned on me that perhaps you were in the UK. Fortunately, your about page tells me that. You should add a photo of yourself and some more cool facts about who you are. Inquiring minds want to know.

    I completely agree with your observations about inertia. I always say “inertia is a powerful force.” I’ve got that noted as a topic for a future blog post. I’m thinking of relating it to physics and Newton’s Law. Maybe I can include a link to your blog post that mentions inertia.

    You never know how these things will go.

    P.S. I’m not posting this as part of any assignment or challenge; it’s just good karma. Pass it on. 🙂

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