Spark into Marketing

Marketing and Inspiration for small businesses


Most small business owners start their own business because they love what they do – not because they love marketing.

In fact many feel awkward and unnatural trying to get more customers.  They would much prefer it all to happen by magic …. people line up to pay, or you simply sip cocktails all day under a palm tree while money pours into your bank account.  Sounds gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Of course both these situations can become real, but with lots of work rather than magic, unfortunately!

When marketing feels alien and inauthentic nothing goes right. The web site is difficult to write, social media is only used for friends, and it is horrible to mention your prices.  There is no spark and it is all exhausting.  You would much prefer to do the “proper” work.   Very often some new shiny object appears to be the answer, or you feel so bad it is difficult to take any action at all and the business slowly dies.

Marketing can be enjoyable

It is possible for marketing to be enjoyable.  Yes, really.  But when it all seems dreadful the first step is to change your mindset.  I think it was Einstein who said ” The mind that thinks of the problem is not the same mind that thinks of the solution” or something like that. You can’t change the outside world, but you can change you.

I have helped lots of business owners enjoy marketing with integrity and intelligence.  Whether you sell to other businesses, consumers or you are a coach, therapist or creative I can help you get some spark into your marketing.  When you feel better about marketing you find and keep more clients, and you also feel better about yourself and your business.

The world is in a political turmoil and it doesn’t look as though it will improve any time soon.  Rather than looking outward to problems a better solution is to make your world as good as it can be.