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Good marketing – images and specific numbers from Ryanair

spark into marketing good practice from ryanirRyanair sent out an email which demonstrated good marketing which a small business could use themselves.  Ryanair is not usually regarded with warmth and affection.  I have often travelled with the company and because the flight has been full, and the queues long I tend to forget about the huge advantage of the low price.

Small companies often look at the marketing of large companies and think that they should have similar campaigns.  Often this is completely the wrong approach.  Not in this particular case, however.  Ryanair demonstrates two excellent marketing principles that every small business could adopt.

Eye-catching graphics

Ryanair’s graphic helps you to see at a glance the point that they are making.  They have more flights than their competitors. It uses their logo colours so reinforces the brand, and is high impact. The yellow colour is used to focus on the command “To fly with us” and is supported by the yellow graphic which is warmer and more inviting than the white.  Our eyes tend to read from left to right and start at the top left hand corner which is the path indicated here.

Specific numbers to indicate credibility

The number they chose was 191 which is extremely specific and therefore seems more credible.  It was used as a teaser in the heading of the email which aroused my curiosity.  Curiosity is a very powerful motivator and in this case encouraged me to open the email.  I wanted to know why they were talking about 191.

In fact it refers to the number of destinations Ryanair claim to fly to.  Because it is a very specific the number seems more credible.  If they had rounded the number up to 200 it would have been less believable.

Press the recorder for a 4 minute radio clip and a bit more chat.

Jean Wolfe is talking on the Biz Buzz radio show on Marlow FM.  Jean is a regular presenter of the show on Friday afternoons from 2:00 – 3:30.  Reproduced with kind permission from Marlow FM.

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