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The inspiration I need in winter – a snowy landscape.

snowylandscapeinspirationAt Christmas time we give and receive inspirational cards which often show images of a snowy landscape. We open Advent Calendars which have images of snow but very rarely does it snow in England at Christmas. In fact I can only remember one occasion years ago when I had been in a service of Midnight Mass and came out into the darkness to find it snowing. Magical!

This year I decided I want to keep the inspirational images of snow even after the cards have been taken down. I bought this lovely hand-painted tea light holder at the Christmas Market in Bath.

During the long dark months of the year I like to have a lot of light in my office. It keeps me more cheerful.  

A client who came here yesterday commented that it is bright, whereas outside it was grey and cheerless. I have a full spectrum light over my desk, candles around, and now a new glass holder for a tea light, and get the double benefit of a beautiful image as well.

I am not sure why a snowy landscape appeals so much – especially as I spent my early years in Africa! But it does, and so I have decided to make it a more conscious choice. As I am unlikely to head in to real powdery snow this winter, I am making do with the next best thing.

What is your inspiration during the darker winter months of the year?

As a small business owner – especially if you work alone – your workspace should be something that gives you pleasure. Do you have inspiring images or objects there?

It could be a vision board or simply an image that will sustain you for a few weeks. A bunch of flowers, a scented candle, or something that has meaning for you.

It is so important to not leave ourselves out of our business, and this is an easy way of doing it.

When we feel good we can go out and conquer the world.  When we don’t we let opportunities slip through our fingers, and fear prevent us from doing – or knowing – what we really want to do.

What is going to be your inspiration this winter?

Time Out has identified 12 paintings of snowy landscapes which can be seen in London exhibitions.  They even give the exact room in many cases where the painting can be seen.  If you are in London and would like to see a wintry landscape in paint on canvas take a look.


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