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Ever felt unromantic in a romantic situation on Valentine’s Day?

You’ve even been given roses, chocolate, champagne but somehow you don’t feel “right.”  If you are out for a meal you sneak a look at the other couples around and notice some look happy and some are distinctly miserable.

Your expectations were high, but they were not met.

And that is the trouble with Valentine’s Day – with life – and even business.  High expectations that others will play their part in the way we want often leads to disappointment!

Your clients can feel the same way.

If they have been promised something amazing and you don’t deliver they feel let down.  Not only in the products and services you offer but the way they are treated.  If you have promised something and you go beyond their expectations they feel wonderful.  Plus they are more likely to think you are wonderful, too.  You end up with that precious thing: customer loyalty based on good customer service.

So take a tip from Valentine’s Day without the whole commercial bit.  Be the best partner you could be – without judging what you receive.  Give something unexpected to your clients.  If you feel it is appropriate maybe flowers or chocolates could be just the thing.

Your clients have reached out to connect with you.  And having a meaningful connection with another human being is a form of love.

Spread the love without raising the temperature of romantic lurve.


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5 Replies

  1. jeanspark

    No you are right. You have to look after yourself as well as your customers. Sorry your Valentine’s Day did not work out so well. What a shame. Get clear in your own mind what you offer and deliver that with confidence knowing the value you bring.

  2. Last valentine I end up talking about the every day struggles and business. I felt stupid that I couldn’t switch off for once and pay complete attention to my partner. This is the problem trying to run a business. I understand what you are saying about customers having bigger expectations. But it may not necessarily be because you led them on and made them expect a lot. Sometimes, their demands and requirements can be confusing as well. They may say on the one hand that their budget is tight and on the other hand they may want an ultra professional work. You cannot work for peanuts and deliver a masterpiece.
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  3. Jean I sent an email to all my clients wishing them a Happy Valentines Day (because of the discussions we have had) and just said that they were ‘special and valued’ by me as one of my clients. I got a surprising amount of replies, most saying how much they appreciated my thoughts and for some they said it was the most loving message they had all day (I sent it quite late in the evening)! I also got a second booking from a relatively new client too. So thank you for prompting me to think in this way…
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  4. jeanspark

    Thank you Amber. Delighted you feel the same. A little surprise tends to jolt people out of any emotional ruts, too! So it is noticed more and therefore more valued.

  5. I really like the sentiment here… especially the bit about ‘judgement’ around receiving something. We tend to do that automatically, especially in a day when we are ‘expecting to receive’. There is something wonderful about receiving the unexpected. Some of my favourite ‘gifts’ come in the form of a simple, but loving/kind text message or a card, or someone just saying something beautiful. You have now got me thinking as to what I can give to my clients? I offer a service to my clients and always work hard to give the best of myself… but perhaps a little surprise can create a lot of happiness….

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