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Sign in or Sign up?

Sign in and Sign Up can look as though they are interchangeable and mean the same thing. Sign In In fact Sign In is the instruction found on many websites and indicates you already have an account and have registered with them.  So this is where you go back to add in your email address […]

Looking back on the year ask yourself this question

Looking back on the year is the first important step in creating what happens in the New Year. This was recorded by Jean Wolfe for the Biz Buzz show on Marlow FM 97.5 . Reproduced by kind permission of MarlowFM.

EU changes affecting UK small business VAT for digital products

Small businesses who are under the VAT threshold in the UK and sell digital products may have a problem in 2015. Digital products sold in Europe could attract VAT which will then be charged on all products and services. To find out more go to and if you feel motivated to take action sign […]

Kindle sales boost biggest online sale day in UK

96 million UK Internet visits to online retailers totalled 13 million hours shopping online on Boxing Day 2011. This was a sales record for online retail in the UK, according to Experian Hitwise. Sales of Kindles and iPads were the most searched-for items: According to YouGov stats, roughly 1.2m Kindles were given as gifts in […]

Advertising standards on websites – Trip Advisor

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) is investigating Trip Advisor.  This is a well-known UK website which features comments on the quality of hotels and places to stay. Comments in question are both negative and almost malicious, while others are too fulsome in their praise to be from impartial consumers. The ASA has only had responsibility […]

Biz Buzz radio show on marlow fm – using video

Biz Buzz is a radio show featuring business which goes out on the air every week day from 2:00 pm to 3:30.  It is usually presented by me Jean Wolfe on a Friday.  We have an excellent team of presenters who know and love business and who interview interesting guests. In the Marlow Bucks  area […]

Blogging Workshop on International Women’s Day 2010

Image by orangeacid via Flickr Blogging Workshop on International Women’s Day Blogging is such a great way to build company reputation, and leads to more money, and more happiness through self expression.  Many small business owners find writing their website difficult, but have no problem talking about what really matters to them in a blog. […]

The perfect marketing (and internet marketing) conference or event

Marketing and internet marketing conferences are part of the product offering of many gurus and would-be gurus. Unlike professional qualifications there are no requirements for  continuing professional development in marketing a business, but those attending hope that their business will increase significantly. From the viewpoint of the conference organiser there may be additional money to […]

Twitter or not to twitter for small business marketing

Twitter is often treated as a double edged sword.  It has kudos in the media for its newness, strangeness and rapid growth.  These same qualities can often put off a small business owner.  Many an internet-savvy marketer has confessed that they didn’t “get” it for a long time.  So what is the average small business […]

National Women’s Enterprise Day – women marketing naturally

National Women’s Enterprise Day on Wednesday 17 November reminds us that women in business is no longer the exception.  A more feminine business model has been vividly handed on as a legacy by Anita Roddick and Laura Ashley to every woman dreaming at the kitchen table.  The number of inspiring examples of women doing business […]