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The joy of a good conversation


Have you had conversations about all the upheavals in the political situation? Conversations were held online for the word “Brexit” which came to stand for the EU referendum.  Google trends provides an interesting table of countries and search results for the term “Brexit.” But there is nothing quite like a good conversation with a real […]

Eating an elephant – an expression I would like to ban

elephant expression

When I first started face to face networking I heard many expressions which were intended to help understanding of the way to network. One of these which I heard frequently was the question ” How do you eat an elephant?” The supposedly correct answer was ” One bite at a time>” The principle was excellent: […]

Business 2012 – free conference with Sir Richard Branson

How is your business going to develop in 2012? Learning from experts like Sir Richard Branson who have created great success is one of the best ways to get inspired about taking your business forward. Business 2012 is a free conference with over 500 events where you can listen to business gurus such as Sir […]

National Women’s Enterprise Day – women marketing naturally

National Women’s Enterprise Day on Wednesday 17 November reminds us that women in business is no longer the exception.  A more feminine business model has been vividly handed on as a legacy by Anita Roddick and Laura Ashley to every woman dreaming at the kitchen table.  The number of inspiring examples of women doing business […]

Complimentary spam comments on your blog

Spam comments that told a story and did not appear to be spam did fool me and Akismet, the spam terminator on WordPress.    Because they were not just a bunch of dreary keywords, which I guess led back to a dubious site, I actually preferred deleting them.  Well, if you are going to delete spam […]

Face to face networking BNI is the daddy

BNI organises breakfast networking meetings worldwide and last year attributed £ 192,000,000 of business to BNI members. This makes BNI a global economy in its own right. This figure (or its yearly equivalent) is read out each week in meetings and largely goes unnoticed by members.  It does not directly impact their own business, or […]

Face to face networking – small business marketing spark

A small business needs marketing spark. The cost-effective way to breathe in new ideas and get inspiration is by getting away from the computer and out there meeting people. The best way of doing this is by doing face to face networking rather than closing sales deals. What’s so good about networking for a small […]

Face to face networking – how to choose the right group

Deciding where to hang your hat in Networkingland is a big decision. It is best to try out different groups to see what you like and don’t like.  Don’t commit at first if you don’t want to.  Most groups will let you visit twice before making a decision. If you have been in the corporate […]

Face to Face networking – types of groups

Networking  groups that meet face to face tend to fall into two categories. Irrespective of whether the group meets for breakfast, coffee, lunch, drinks or an evening meal some are open to all, and some only to businesses that do not compete with another. The first is a general opportunity for business people to get […]

Face to Face networking – small business No1 marketing idea

Face to Face networking is often the preferred marketing idea when people set up their own business. In a larger business you probably had lots of contacts, and a yearly calendar of events, such as awards, exhibitions and conferences where you would keep up with what is happening in your niche.  In a small business […]