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Blogging and Social Media

Blogging and Social Media are excellent ways for a small business to market with authenticity.  Writing a blog post can be enjoyable for you as a writer as there are so many different angles you can take.  Your reader can get to know you as a business.  But you can’t assume that your post will be read so social media can help to encourage new readers.

Social media helps offers many opportunities but can also be a great distraction.  For small business owners it enables you to connect with key people but it does need to develop from a strategy.  Jean Wolfe helps you to find that strategy and be inspired to use social media – and keep going.

Good marketing helps you reach the people who want your services and pay you so you make a real difference. You don’t need deep pockets for social media you need ideas!

Blogging and social media online courses

I am one of the co-founders of Attract Readers helping slightly older women to pick up a digital pen and blog.  We use friendly language as we prefer the metaphors of nature and growing things to explain how to write and promote a blog authentically.

I firmly believe that older women have a big contribution to make to the world, and that blogging is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to do it.  Younger people have little resistance to being part of the internet, but that is not true for all age groups.  We support women to feel more confident communicating their expertise and enthusiasm online and connecting with others.

Courses include “Kickstart Your Blog” for new or would-be blog owners. Our signature course is called  “Attract Readers: Gain Impact” and was developed in response to a survey suggesting that for both business and personal blogs the lack of readers was a big issue.

For more information go to Attract Readers.

Find your spark in social media!

Are you using social media to develop your business?   Do you know what to say?  Do you know how to get started? Keep going?

Is it fun and rewarding?

Social media is a huge free marketing opportunity but it has to be approached in the right way.

Join us and discover your spark.

You will

  • learn how to use social media to develop your business
  • discover your spark
  • find your best clients
  • know what to say – and how to say it
  • keep going once the initial excitement has worn off!

The next workshop will be scheduled shortly.


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